Folding Back Pack Chair

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Extra Large, Extra Comfortable Folding Backpack Chair, With Rod holders By Crafty Rabbit England.
It is essential that you are able to sit in comfort in a hide or by the riverbank after all you may be there for hours on end or even all day.
We believe that this is the biggest, best, most practical and comfy folding backpack chair on the market.
After purchasing a similar but smaller product from a market leading brand The Crafty Rabbit was so disappointed in the size and comfort; especially given it’s rather large price tag.
The Rabbit barely managed to get one “cheek” on the seat and the back rest dug in so much that it was painful to sit on for more than 3 minutes.
He wanted something simple, yet comfortable and practical to transport fishing equipment from car to peg without having to carry a rod bag, tackle bag, flask of tea and also have to carry something comfy to sit on.
We have taken nearly 3 years and many prototypes to get this chair to perform to our high standards.
If you are over 5ft 8″ and have a waist bigger than 32″ then this is the chair for you.
This isn’t a stalking chair (it weighs approximately 6kg), although it is light enough for The Crafty Rabbit to carry in comfort over long distances, so can easily be used as a stalking chair. It’s weight and size has been designed specifically for sitting in comfort by your peg or in your hide for long periods.

Do you want to sit on this for hours on end ?
Our folding backpack chair can be used to carry:
Several rods
Landing net
Tackle box
Food and drink
Bait box & ground bait
We even managed to fit a small bivvy in as well

If you are after the pigeons or wildfowl, then we managed to fit, with plenty of room to spare…:
12 g Semi Auto Shotgun
4:10 Shotgun
10m Camo Hide net
4 hide poles
3 boxes of ammo

There would have been plenty of room for decoys, calls, binoculars and of course the ever essential flask of tea.
This chair is useful for so many different activities, not only shooting and fishing; but camping , music festivals & picnics, spectator sports, bird watching, to name just a few.

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