About Crafty Rabbit

Welcome to Crafty Rabbit!

We are a small, family run business based in the beautiful county of Northamptonshire.  From rifle and shotgun slips and bags, angling equipment, through to hunting and bush craft  knives of all sizes and shapes, we supply only the best products to our customers.

Many of our items are handmade, allowing us to stock only the top quality products in our shop.  The Crafty Rabbit logo is a sign that your product is made to look great yet perform well in the field, an essential feature for all shooting, hunting and fishing products!

Crafty Rabbit was born from a passion for fishing and shooting by its founder Dan Warren who has now become “The Crafty Rabbit”. The Crafty Rabbit bought lots of fishing and shooting equipment from many different brands – some cheap and poor quality, others too expensive for his needs. He was not a champion angler or shooter, but did it for the sheer enjoyment of being outdoors in the open air, sitting by a river or just loved the smell of gunpowder at his local shooting club.

After buying an expensive back pack chair from one of the market leaders, The Crafty Rabbit realised that he had paid a lot of money for a good idea but a poorly designed product. The Crafty Rabbit is – shall we say, quite a large, heavy rabbit – and to sit on such a tiny, flimsy chair for hours on end was uncomfortable. He scoured the internet looking for a bigger model and simply couldn’t find one. The only option was to build and design his own product. After hours toiling away in the garage with metal and nylon, eventually a very crude prototype was created.

He then spent months looking for a UK based manufacturer that could produce it in bulk. This was an impossible task. So with passport in hand and pictures of the prototype chair, The Crafty Rabbit flew to China Fish – the world’s biggest angling equipment exhibition – to look for a manufacturer. While in Beijing, he soon realised why the UK market did not provide the product he was searching for. European and American Brands were simply a bit lazy! The leading brands just entrusted the design and manufacture to the Asian manufacturers. All the manufacturers The Crafty Rabbit spoke to said that they produced thousands of chairs for other brands and had NEVER been asked to make them bigger. Therefore Chinese manufacturers simply made chairs to fit the standard Chinese body shape. Almost all of the manufacturers The Crafty Rabbit spoke to could not believe that the chairs were too small and uncomfortable – they had never been told anything different. In fact The Crafty Rabbit came up against a lot of brick walls when speaking to the manufacturers at the show and ALL said that they were not prepared to make a product in small quantities; as far as they were concerned if the big brands did not ask them to make one, they would not be prepared to work with him.

The Crafty Rabbit spoke to many exhibitors and visitors at China Fish and eventually came up with a lead. The problem was the manufacturer who “may” be able to help him was over 1000 miles away in another province of China. Undeterred, The Crafty Rabbit made a few phone calls, got a meeting and booked the 4 1/2 hour flight for the next morning. Arriving at the factory the next day, The Crafty Rabbit came up against a lot of resistance from the product manager, not to mention a few smirks when he looked at the pictures of the crude prototype. But after witnessing The Crafty Rabbit sitting in a chair that they made for a very prestige European brand, the smirking and arguing stopped! The manufacturer realised that chairs made for Asian body shapes are simply not up to the task! He agreed that he would build the chair. Two years later we are STILL working on perfecting the design, adding rod holders and testing lighter & better materials, but hope to have news of the finished chair soon.

To sit alongside the chair, The Crafty Rabbit wanted to offer his customers greater buying choice of fishing, shooting and bushcraft accessories, hence the brand Crafty Rabbit England was born. We now stock all manner of HIGH QUALITY, market tested,  fishing, shooting and bushcraft accessories. We produce as much of our stock in the UK as we possibly can. But it is a fact of modern living that the vast majority of the worlds products are made in the far east. However, The Crafty Rabbit travels the world to ensure HIGH QUALITY, good design and ethical employment practices.

The aim is to provide every enthusiast with high quality products that match their budgets. Beginners and hobbyists still deserve high quality, but we know that spending huge amounts of money on the occasional hobby item is not always the best starting point, we stock entry level products for beginners and hobbyists.

Professionals and champions need the very best of the best, we rigorously test everything we sell to ensure durability, and check for comfort and reliability and ensure our products will meet your expectations….we are here for you as well.

Dan Warren

The Crafty Rabbit