3 inch folding pocket Knife - Non Locking

3 inch Folding Pocket Knife By Crafty Rabbit England

UK legal 3 Inch Folding Pocket Knife With Leather Pouch.

3 inch folding Knife - Non Locking

Folding Pocket Knife
3 Inch folding pocket knife
hand made knife

A good looking, but sturdy an rugged every day carry knife. Hand made from 440 c stainless steel. Every fisherman or shooter needs a good knife to have on their person at all times. Here at Crafty Rabbit we understand the need to be able to carry this essential tool without falling foul of the law. The trouble is; the law is a bit ambiguous when it comes to carrying a knife with you very day. We are not lawyers and our opinions are not to be used for any legal defence. UK knife law comes under “The offensive Weapons Act 2019” so in effect there is no such thing as “knife law” in the UK. The act covers ANY item that can be used to harm another person so even if you do not have a bladed item on your possession you could still fall foul of the law. Many argue that this is an over zealous attitude by the UK authorities, an opinion quite often voiced (with some surprise and horror) from our Friends across the pond in The USA). However these laws are designed to protect the public at large and not just the fishing, hunting and shooting community. Although The Crafty Rabbit doesn’t necessarily agree with the over regulation of our judicial laws we do understand that there is always a compromise to be made.. especially with the reported rise in knife crime over the last few years.

That said this folding pocket knife is within the law as far as The offensive Weapons Act is concerned. It’s blade is no longer than 3 inches and folds back into the handle, it is also non locking. This means that you do not have to have a justifiable reason to have it on your person. So in the pure definition of the law this can be classed as an Every Day Carry, or EDC knife… Unlike a locking blade.  As far as we are concerned we think it is safer to have the attitude that if you carry ANY blade or anything that can be judged as an offensive weapon, then you should really have a justifiable reason to have it on your person. You may be going fishing, shooting or hunting and therefor need a blade for skinning, cutting line or even such a small task as opening a pack of ground bait. We; as do every other knife expert that we have met still belive a locking blade is safer as it is less prone to fold back in on your fingers when in use. With this in mind we have made the folding mechanism on this knife very stiff and therefore safer than most other penknives or folders.

UK legal carry folding knife

Folding pocket knife pocket pakka wood / rose wood handle EDC every day carry knife

Made with a 3mm tang featuring a detailed pattern and rose wood handle this a great looking blade. Although very much like  The Crafty Rabbit himself it is rugged and handsome rather than beautiful. This is a tool and has been designed as such!


This folding knife comes  with a genuine leather belt pouch just to make it even more rugged and handsome…




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